Massage Therapy for Men


A Male – Massage received by the traveling business client at their hotel is becoming more and more popular as a way to relieve the stresses of travel. As more people take to the skies, traveling by plane has become increasingly frustrating and stressful, particularly for the business traveler. Anxiety is a common problem, jet lag, and cramped conditions lead to stiffness. Massage soothes and relieves these problems that your body encounters from extensive traveling or just long drawn out meetings.

Key West Body works specializes in treatments whether you are in the area just for business, running a sprint, or just the overworked gentleman that is looking for some relief. Immerse yourself in serenity while indulging into a complete calm while Joseph tends to every aching muscle due from sciatica, lower sore back, kinked neck, tennis elbow. Key West Body Works provides a soothing escape to relax and rejuvenate your every being and get you back to your best optimum level of performance once again.


The experience of Key West Body works will help determine the best approach that is keeping you from your best optimum level of performance whether it being a serious condition or to just simply unwind. Getting the most out of your male massage experience is Joseph’s objective. Key West Body Works is designed to make your male massage experience enjoyable and leaving you feeling re –energized and focused for your next days’ affairs.

Joseph travels to the comfort of your home, hotel or casino setting along with his new comfortable portable massage table. Key West Body Works focuses on gentleman between the ages of 40-75  all body types are welcomed!

Please call his service directly at 856-371-3427  if you are looking for same day appointment. What is needed for the massage to take place is 2 bath towels, a bed sheet as well the most comfortable area in your home. Joseph does take e-mails, but unfortunately, due to spam filters, he cannot guarantee that your e-mail will be answered on the same day, please keep this in mind.

Key West Body Works will deliver to you a Deep Tissue -Swedish -Reflexology – Trigger Point Therapy -Stretching. His modalities are paramount in the healing that you will receive in his Therapeutic based session. His service is perfect for runners, active individuals, people on the go, to a rigorous work schedule. Perhaps he can deliver back to you “your best optimum level of performance!”


                                                                 Receiving a massage is good for:

                                                                                                                             . Sciatica

                                                                                                                             . Diabetes

                                                                                                                             . Lower sore back

                                                                                                                             . Pulled muscle

If you have questions, you can find it here in Joseph’s FAQs section. If you are ready to be massaged and “give back to your body for what your body has given you over the years“, call Key West Body Works to book your next massage today! You can contact Joseph at 856-371-3427 to book your next appointment or simply E-mail his service at men-image           Key-West-Body-Works-Web-Logo